Equipment Maintenance & Management

Track your Equipment on Site

An area that is often neglected is the tracking of your equipment that is used on site. It is important to know where this expensive equipment is, when it is due for servicing or PAT testing. A full audit of where equipment has been will also assist with any investigations should equipment become damaged or missing.

Servicing reminders and repair logs are also available for In-house machinery and company transport. Vehicle MOT and Road Fund Tax reminders may be set.

Equipment Overview & Status

A main dashboard screen will list all site equipment, in-house machinery and transport.
This may be filtered to show only the required type of items. Instantly see which contract site equipment is current on and what equipment is available.

Equipment Details

Full details of equipment are stored, along with a full audit of what contracts it has been used on, any damages occurred and when any servicing or PAT testing is due.

Issuing Equipment Out to Site

Site equipment is quickly and easily booked out to a site, or van and an accompanying docket may be produced to assist the quick recording of its return from site.


Listing reports, inspection sheets and identity QR scan codes are all easily and quickly generated as required.

Key Equipment Management Features

Machine Maintenance:
Service reminders
Service records
Documentation & manuals
Vehicle Maintenance:
Service reminders
MOT reminders
Vehicle tax reminders
Service history
Equipment Maintenance:
Inspection reminders
Site equipment tracking & availability
Site equipment location audit history