Giving Accurate Contract Perfomance

Getting immediate job costing and accurate contract performance is of paramount importance
to your company.

Contract Controller is not designed to replace all your accounts systems, but to enhance your existing systems and enable a potential cost saving on accounts packages by reducing the need for all the add-ons required to get job costings and contract management.

Contract Controller will take your accounting up to the point of job cost, purchase invoice authorisation and sales invoice generation. All this information may then be transferred over to your accounts system to enable the standard cashflow, VAT returns and CIS functions to still be carried out by your system.

An Instant Overview

Starting with the Accounts dashboard, you can instantly see who owes you money from outstanding sales invoices, any valuations or stage payments that are due to claim along with all current contract accounts.

Global Overview

Using the Accounts screen of a contract instantly see a global overview of how a contract is performing. Details of all quotation submitted, listing all variations to the contract and any sales invoices issued.

A complete detailed cost and profit analysis is also shown.

Complete Job Costing of Contract

As soon a purchase order is issued, the cost is shown as an order value / committed cost. This allows contracts and accounts to check that all costs are as expected, rather than waiting for purchase invoices to arrive after the event. As time sheets are verified and posted, these too will be shown in the job costing. Facilities are available for expense sheets and for entering unforeseen costs that were not originally on a purchase order.

Specific Contract Item

Each Bill item can show materials and labour that have been booked to the item, assisting with evaluating if enough time and material is being allowed for when preparing quotations.

Purchase Invoicing

As purchase invoices are received, they are matched to the purchase order and can be authorised and scheduled for payment by finance.

Sales Invoicing

Sales Invoices are easily generated and professionally formed as printed or PDF documents.

Invoices may be formed by directly entering the required wording and prices, or by importing the relevant information from the quotation & variation to orders. Click here to view the printed invoice.

Easily list all outstanding sales invoices and mark as paid either from this listing or via the company account details, allowing for one payment received to be split between invoices.

Company Account Overview

Full account details of a company will show all outstanding invoices, with the facility to show all paid invoices for all contract of that company. Facility to allocate a payment receipt over several invoices. A company may also have a credit limit applied to prevent work being carried out if invoices are unpaid.


Many accounts reporting features are available from full WIP (Work in Progress) to client retentions and sub-contractor retentions, job costing, stock valuations, profit realised from contracts and may more.

Key Accounts Features

Purchase invoicing
Outstanding purchase invoices
CIS & VAT reverse charge collections / payments
Sub-contractor payment certificates
Sub-contractor retention payments
Sales Invoicing:
Create sales invoices
Client statements
Client payment receipts
Retentions to due to clients
Client financial summary reports
WIP – work in progress reporting
Job costing
Time sheets
Expense sheets / claims
Stock valuation reporting
Easy to integrate data into existing accounting systems